Demo Scene

This section contains all the demoscene releases I was involved with, from my first productions in 1997 to the last one in 2001, the year I stopped all my demoscene activities when releasing MS-DOS productions at demoparties became nearly impossible.

Some additional files (including graphics, articles for Defcon disk magazine and demoparty pictures) can be found here. For an explanation of what Demoscene is, click here and/or here. All these productions have been coded under MS-DOS, so you may experience some problems when trying to run them on modern operating systems. Check the releases .NFO if you want more information about each production and their hardware requirements.

ARTE TV channel released a documentary on demoscene in its "Tracks" program, which can be found on in French and in German. English subtitles are available here and here. They also released something about chiptunes, also available both in French and in German. You can also check these two older documentaries about demoscene (French only): "Esprit Demo" from 1997, coming from C: TV channel (Canal+), and an older one coming from FR3 program "Microkids" which can be downloaded here.

During my active scene years, I attended the following demoparties:

JFF Convention 2Saint Denis en Val, France27-28th October 2001
Slach Party 3La Teste De Buch, France19-22th July 2001
LTP 4Crosnes, France25-27th August 2000
Slach Party 2La Teste De Buch, France21-24th August 1999
RTS'98Seyssins (Grenoble), France5-7th September 1998
Slach Party 1Perigueux, France21-24th August 1998
Wired'98Wasmes (Mons), Belgium17-19th July 1998
Netzone'97Mont de Marsan, France25-29th August 1997
Place To Be 5Pau, France14-18th August 1997

Just For Fun - Le Museum - July 2001

Just For Fun - Le MuseumJust For Fun - Le Museum
Just For Fun - Le MuseumJust For Fun - Le Museum

Just For Fun - Folk - August 2000

Just For Fun - FolkJust For Fun - Folk
Just For Fun - FolkJust For Fun - Folk

Revelation - Polaris - August 1999

Revelation - PolarisRevelation - Polaris
Revelation - PolarisRevelation - Polaris

Just For Fun - Totem - July 1999

Just For Fun - TotemJust For Fun - Totem

Skytech Group - Deus Ex Machina - July 1998

Skytech Group - Deus Ex MachinaSkytech Group - Deus Ex Machina
Skytech Group - Deus Ex MachinaSkytech Group - Deus Ex Machina

Fire Dream - Fire - August 1997

Fire Dream - FireFire Dream - Fire

Fire Dream - Paciland - August 1997

Fire Dream - PacilandFire Dream - Paciland